RocGrowth Coffee–Special Event at POP ROC

August 23, 2019 at 9:01 am
337 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604

Organized By: RocGrowth Coffee

Friends of RocGrowth,

We invite you to attend this special event at a unique coffee shop that claims to be “Rochester’s #1 Cereal Bar.”  Right in the heart of the East End, the venue will be point central for the upcoming Super City event from Aug. 23-25.

RocGrowth is a sponsor of this first annual, multi-venue, city-wide pop culture event.  Join us so that one day you can to tell your grandkids that you were there at the beginning!

We remain committed to giving our community members air time to present to the entire group.  This time, you will have a chance to stand with the baristas for Counter Culture – behind the counter.
What is RocGrowth Coffee?
An informal, morning event designed to facilitate CREATIVE collisions by sharing inspiring stories and empowering the new generation of entrepreneurs in Rochester. Free coffee and bagels will be provided by our underwriters.  This event is affiliated with RocGrowth Candids.

Why attend?
To meet and befriend other Rochester innovators and become familiar with potentially helpful resources.  RocGrowth Coffee is a way for you to hear about new ideas, offer YOUR assistance, and announce YOUR ideas to a community of thinkers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists!

Each RocGrowth Coffee will highlight several pre-selected local innovators. These entrepreneurs will have a few minutes to introduce themselves and describe their endeavor.  Most importantly, they will request from the community some specific form of support. This could range from technical skills to customer identification.

The audience (YOU) will be able to connect with each other and the entrepreneurs, before and after the presentations, over coffee and breakfast.  Most of the time will be dedicated to unstructured networking.

You too can present:
If you would like to be among the innovators who present to the group for THREE minutes, e-mail  Briefly introduce yourself, explain a project or business you’ve started, and make a request for specific assistance.  We have limited the number of presenters to four.


This event has a large following and we have limited number of attendee spaces. Please only apply if you can come and if you find you can not attend, please cancel your reservation so we can bring in people who are on the waiting list.
Coffee is generously provided by:
POP ROC & RocGrowth