RocCity Coalition’s Education Action Team focuses on generating initiatives and leading them to fruition in response to the Vision 2025 Education Goal Area

Educational opportunities in Greater Rochester will serve the needs of all young Rochesterians and their families to ensure our region’s economic growth and success. Whether a young person is considering continuing education/training for himself or herself or selecting a school in which to enroll their children, our community must be invested in its educational systems to ensure the retention of young talent in locations where they want to live. For their part, young Rochesterians must embrace education as a key to the long-term stability and sustainability of every neighborhood. We will strive to connect our educational institutions with the community to ensure equitable access to quality education for all.


  • Encourage young Rochesterians to become active in advocating for improvements in K-12 education, including serving on boards and committees, before they become parents.
  • Encourage young Rochesterians to volunteer directly with youth at risk of disenfranchisement.
  • Promote connections with college students to demonstrate Rochester is a community they can call home after graduation.

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