Vision 2025 for Rochester

RocCity Coalition is pleased to announce the publication of its
Final Report for the Vision 2025 Project.

RocCity Coalition is a collaboration of organizations that are focused on attracting, retaining, and empowering the young professionals of Greater Rochester.

This Final Report represents the culmination of over 12 months of research into, and discussion about, the current conditions of the young professional community in Greater Rochester.

Vision 2025 is a community visioning process, a consensus – led way to design a desirable, common future. It is driven from the ground up, not top down.  Our YP community reflects the grassroots, entrepreneurial nature of today’s Rochester. No – one understands more than YPs that the days of relying on large benefactors are over.

Employers, governments, and community organizations are paying attention, and asking what is important to this generation. At RocCity Coalition, we hear a lot about attraction (how do we bring more YPs to Greater Rochester?) and retention (how do we stem the brain drain?). But what does YP empowerment look like? How does it tie in? What does it mean for the community? The Vision 2025 Committee reviewed the data and defined six subject areas: Inclusion/Demographics, Housing, Employment, Education, Lifestyle & Mobility, and Community Connections

This report articulates the Vision, Goals, and Objectives put forth by the Vision 2025 Committee, based upon input from Greater Rochester’s YP community. The project used a variety of data gathering techniques, but also critical analysis from subject matter experts and passionate individuals to identify the key issues, and lay out a strategy to address them. This report also presents the initial Action Plan to meet the stated goals and objectives. This was made possible through empowering our volunteer YP Action Teams to both generate initiatives and lead them to fruition.

Download Final Vision 2025 Report [PDF]

What’s Next? We need your help! While we have presented our initial Action Plan, it important to note that it is a dynamic document. It is the responsibility of the YP community, through RocCity Coalition, to continue to strive towards the Vision, and be willing to accommodate what adjustments may be necessary. Therefore, there will always be opportunities for YPs to volunteer their ideas, energy and leadership to push Rochester forward!

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Background: The project kicked off in March 2015 with an initial survey of 742 young professionals, which captured information about who they are, what they value about the Rochester area, and the challenges they face in becoming fully integrated into the community.




Vision 2025 FAQs

WHAT is Vision 2025?
Vision 2025 is a planning project that will map out a future for Rochester’s young professional community through a consensus-led process. The aim is to develop a vision and a plan based on what is important for young professionals on an individual and a community-wide level.

WHY now?
RocCity Coalition celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014, and now is the right time to look to the future and embrace a new way of connecting the young professional demographic to the surrounding community. In addition to our own evolution, there are also generational leadership changes at many of the key institutions in Rochester on which we should capitalize.

HOW will it work?
Vision 2025’s process involves researching the current state of the young professional community, setting a vision for its future, and developing an action plan RocCity Coalition can follow.

WHEN is the next step?
We will hold focus groups in early 2016 to explore key issues in more detail and suggest solutions.

WHERE can I sign up to help?
For Vision 2025 to accurately reflect our community, we need to paint the broadest picture about the young professional demographic, its needs and aspirations. We need as much information and as many opinions as possible!

Check back here often, and keep an eye out for announcements on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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Your Future, Your Vision 2025!

See pictures from our Launch Event at TRATA (special thanks to Katie Finnerty Photography)

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