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Brittany Comegna


Brittany Comegna is originally from Baltimore, MD and grew up in Pleasanton, CA. Her native language is American Sign Language. Brittany attended California State University at Northridge for her baccalaureate studies and performed graduate studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Brittany started an organization when she was twelve years old called Working Hands to Warm Hearts whose mission was to get volunteers to knit scarves for Deaf women and children being served by a Deaf-run domestic violence shelter in the Bay Area. A number of yarn shops donated knitting needles and yarn after receiving a letter from Brittany explaining the mission of the organization. Hundreds of scarves were knitted by volunteers and donated over the course of two years. At the age of 21, Brittany became an AmeriCorps volunteer with the program CityYear in Washington, DC where she served on the Civic Engagement Team. The team partnered with community members primarily consisting of secondary schools and recreation centers to build spaces for young children such as a library, community garden, and a softball field. For the past five years, Brittany has worked for RIT as an admissions counselor covering the west region of the United States. Her job has her on the road to recruit prospective Deaf and Hard of Hearing students three months a year. Brittany has performed over three hundred presentations, met with over a thousand prospective students, attended nearly a dozen professional conferences, and published an article in a national magazine for parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to offer post-secondary transition planning guidance. Brittany aspires to enter law school in the next five years and to specialize in disability and immigration law. Brittany is a member of the RocCity Inclusion Action Team.

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