What is RocCity Coalition?

A collaboration of organizations focused on attracting, retaining and empowering young professionals in the Rochester area.  The Coalition was founded in 2004.

What does RocCity Coalition do?

The Coalition holds monthly meetings to provide information and networking opportunities to young professional groups; plans and hosts RocCity Rising, Rochester’s premier young professional community networking event; hosts collaboration tools on the internet and social media.  We are also leading the Vision 2025 Community Visioning Project.

Who are the members of RocCity Coalition?

Any group whose focus aligns with the Coalition’s mission can be a Member.  Groups that are not specifically targeted towards young professionals but can offer mutual opportunities and benefits can be Partners of the Coalition.  There are currently 33 Member groups and 11 Partner groups.  The full list can be found here.

Are there any membership dues or fees?

There are no fees associated with being a member of the Coalition.

How is RocCity Coalition different from other groups, such as Rochester Young Professionals?

RocCity Coalition is made up of young professional groups.  These groups serve the needs and interests of individual young professionals; RocCity Coalition serves those groups and the community in general.

How does RocCity Coalition define “Young Professional”?

The Coalition does not define the term young professional – that is left to the member groups to decide based on their individual purposes and missions.

Who runs RocCity Coalition?

The Coalition exists for the benefit of its member groups, so they each have a say in how it runs.  An Advisory Committee, with nine young professionals elected from the groups, helps to convene the member groups so they can share ideas and collaborate on joint activities.

How is RocCity Coalition connected to the wider community in Rochester?

With so many member groups (the largest representing thousands of young professionals), the RocCity Coalition network is immense, with connections throughout local businesses, non-profit organizations and government administrations.  Established leaders from all walks of life recognize the potential and integral importance of our demographic in developing a strong Rochester, and regularly engage with the Coalition as the face of the young professional community.

What is RocCity Rising?

RocCity Coalition’s annual celebration, connecting young professionals with established leaders in the community.  At each event, a theme is launched that member groups are encouraged to incorporate into their activities for the upcoming year (such as community health, education, and exploring Rochester).  Honors are also presented to an Established Leader and a Young Professional who exemplify the year’s theme and demonstrate a positive influence in the community.

What is the Vision 2025 Project?

In 2014, RocCity Coalition celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Since our founding, the number of young professional groups has exploded, and the Coalition has successfully adapted to the challenge of serving a larger, more diverse and connected young professional community.  To take the next step, the Coalition needs to create a vision of where this community should be in the next 10 years, and develop a road map of how to get there.  This is the Vision 2025 Project.

How can I find out more, and get involved with RocCity Coalition?

The best way to get involved is to become active in one of the member groups and become an advocate for collaboration in our community.  Specific volunteer roles are available periodically, such as planning for RocCity Rising or helping with the Vision 2025 Project.  Sign up for our mailing list by e-mailing roccitycoalition@googlegroups.com, and keep an eye out for requests.  Also visit our website at roccitycoalition.org, where you’ll find all of our members, a community calendar and a discussion board to help connect with the membership and Coalition leaders.